Monday, May 10, 2010

Update: Presents for Mother's Day

As I previously posted, I had to purchase my own Mother's Day presents this year. So at the local PX, I found a pair of Nike Dri-Fit shorts for a steal of a deal...$24! They usually retail around $40, so I snatched them up before I had the opportunity to change my mind. I was also shopping for a new shirt to wear running, but I am picky about the color and if the shirt has pockets for my iPod and (most importantly) my phone. I finally found the exact shirt I was looking for, but the color was all wrong. It was a neon orange, and with my white and pasty colored skin....yeah, lets just not go there. So instead of the shirt, I purchased a new armband for my iPod. My current armband does not accommodate the Nike+ Receiver, so I either end up holding the iPod, or tucking it into the pocket of my shirt. The armband allows me to wear a shirt without pockets (or with smaller pockets), and gives me a little more freedom in my choice of clothing.

Thanks for the presents, Honey! You're the best!

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