Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Presents for me!!!

This coming Sunday, Mother's Day, I will be celebrating my fifth Mother's Day. CRAZY!!! I can't believe it---who gave me permission to have a four year old??!!! :) But it is also the FOURTH Mother's Day that Joel will not be here to celebrate it with me. [Sigh]. Last night when I spoke with him, I dropped a hint about that, and he confessed that he *did* attempt to order something off my Amazon wish list, but the Internet connection was acting flaky, and that I would need to complete the transaction myself.

So I logged onto the Internet this morning to see what he was going to order---two Nike Livestrong running tank tops! YIPPIE!! But the sad news was that one was sold out in the size I needed. And while I do wear a Medium about 95% of the time, I am also kind of finicky about ordering clothes online---I'm one that has to touch and try on clothes before making a purchase. While his heart was in the right place, it leaves another Mother's Day where I purchase my own present.

(Note: after one year telling me that Joel did not get me anything for Mother's Day because I'm "not his mother", I think he has learned his lesson. He understands that he has to do the shopping for the boys, or else all the boys in the house will be sharing a house---outside---the dog house.)

Another present I have received for my running is from my wonderful, very supportive and encouraging Father In Law, Paul. What a great man! In March when he visited, I talked a little reluctantly about my running adventures, which at that time were just beginning. I spoke about how at that time it was mostly me walking around the neighborhood pushing Nathan in the typical Graco stroller. He offered to buy me a running stroller--or rather me purchase it and him write the check later. So I did my research, and one day while at the PX came across a jogging stroller on clearance-$76! How cool is that??? As soon as I get an acceptable picture I will post it, but it is pretty sturdy and Nathan seems to enjoy. That is, on the days that he does not fall asleep in it.....

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  1. Hi Lane, Jill told me about your blog. You have inspired me to run again. Keep up the blog!!