Saturday, May 1, 2010

Slow week

Sorry to not have written anything over this past week. It seems I have hit a lull in my running, nothing exciting and nothing note worthy to really write about. My running is coming along, slow on the days I push Nathan around the neighborhood, faster on the days I run on the treadmill. Lately, just to keep things exciting, I have been running a shorter distance on the treadmill (around 1 miles) and then several more miles on the stationary bike and elliptical machine. I told Joel that burnout and boredom are two things that can quickly sabotage a great workout plan, and by doing a little on all three machines, I hope to keep things a little fresh.

On one exciting note---my first month of "Walk to Afghanistan" is completed, and with a little motivation towards the end I managed to complete over 40 miles for the month. 46.63 to be exact. So that brings the total down to 1398.37 more miles to go! WAHOO!!! It is still a lot, but I think because it is now under 1400, the mental aspect of things make this seem like a) it is not so hard, and b) that this is a goal that I possibly can accomplish. With Joel gone this month, here's hoping to get 40 more miles in this month. We'll see.....

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  1. Good for you Lane! Sounds like things are moving right along for you! I don't go to they gym here because no child care is available unless I use hourly care. I usually have Rachel in the jogging stroller or I do the 1 mi loop around the neighborhood while Ross is home. We do have a great 1/2 mi track here that is great for the stroller but dang she is heavy to push! Good luck with your 40 miles this month!