Monday, March 29, 2010

Short term goals???

On a previous posting, I wrote that my goal for a 5k is 30 minutes. That sounds like a pretty realistic goals for someone who is new to running, right?? Currently, the only 5k workout that I have completed was clocked at 40:52, so I need to knock off more than 10 minutes from that time.

The Army standards for a 2 miles run for a woman my age is a time of 20:30. Hmmm, maybe this could be tomorrows goal to beat, right??? Another short term goal??

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My new favorite toy

Everyone loves to play with toys, no matter how old you are. My children love their trucks and legos, Joel loves his video and computer games, I love my home-designing software and Nike+ running sports kits. Yes, there is specialty equipment for running. Who knew such as simple activity had so much equipment?

To get my walk/run program off on the right foot, I loaded Nathan into the car, and off we go to the sports store at the mall. After trying on several different styles and sizes of shoes, I decided on a pair of Nikes, the Nike Air Pegasus+ 26. They look pretty, right???

Next, we head to Best Buy to purchase the Nike+ Sports Kit (because, believe it or not, the sports store did not carry this product). The way the sports kit works is that you take the sensor and place it in a "pocket" under the insert of the left shoe.

Then, you take the receiver and plug it into the bottom of your ipod nano. The program gives you the option to have a programmed workout based either on distance, time, or calories. [You can program in your weight for a more accurate count on the number of calories you burn during the workout.]

There are several things I *love* about this program, with the first being that it measures the distance that you walk/run. Can you say "LIFESAVER!!!" That part alone was totally worth the $30 the program cost. The second think I love is the feedback it can give you during your walk. For example, on days when I do a programmed run (as compared to the "basic" workout, which is just open ended), the program can give you feedback about where you are in the run----1K completed or 400 yards to go until completion. Awesome!

Another feature the Nike+ program gives you is to link it up to the website, which you register with and create a profile on there. So after my workout, I plug in my ipod to the computer, and it downloads my workout with the distance, time and calories burned to my profile. Once I log into and sign in to my account, I can also see a snapshot of my run, with a runner going across the screen, up and down, signaling when I sped up in my workout and when I slowed down. Pretty sweet!

Additionally, there is a history aspect loaded into this program. You can view your previous runs by week or month, and it will show you how many miles you've run, calories you've burned, and the amount of time you have logged during that time period. It will certainly make my "Walk Across Afghanistan" log easier to fill out at the end of the month.
Can you tell I love my Nike+????

Monday, March 22, 2010

5k death march

I have a friend whose husband is doing "The Bataan Death March" this weekend. What that is is a 26.2 miles Army ruck march, complete with full "battle rattle". UGH! No.Thank.You. I'll cheer him on from the comfort of my couch in a different state, if that is alright with you! :)

But, on Saturday, Joel took the kids to recycle, so I was able to get my first walk/run without a stroller. YIPPIE!! Let's see how fast I can run now! The answer: just a little faster than the crawl of a snail. Seriously, I was disappointed in myself. I think I have the expectation that without a stroller hindering my activity, I can just let loose and run the entire length without any walking, just run away until I finish whatever objective I set for myself that day. Hmmm, this running thing is going to be little tougher than I originally thought.

On my first alone run, I set the distance at 5k, or 3.125 miles. There is a walking trail around our neighborhood, and having never taken it before (and thus did not know exactly where it went), I decided to take that trail. Not too bad, I went around the neighborhood several times. Hopefully, one of these days I can find a map of the neighborhoods around here and map out a distance that does not require repeating a trail more than once.

So, on to the update of this run. From the time I left my front door to the time I returned---3.21 miles with a time of 42 minutes and 25 seconds. The total time for my 5k was 40:32. And how did I feel at the end? Like I wanted to die. Ugh, it was AWFUL!! But seeing as how it was the farthest I had ever run, I was excited to have that box checked off. I now have a new goal of what to work towards, beating that time with a better one. I told Joel was goal is to have a time of 30 minutes for a 5k. Pretty realistic if you ask me. No deadline of when to have this accomplished, just something I have set for myself.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Type A personality

If you know me, you know that I am a Type A personality---I like to make list and cross things off, to see the accomplishments I have made in the day. So when I train with weights, or running, I need to have a goal of training for something. Running just for the heck of it is not any sort of fun. Yeah, yeah, I know that running will increase your cardio system, keep you healthy by keeping you in shape, help you burn calories to lose weight...blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I've heard it all before, all the healthy benefits for running. Then there are the other things...shin splints, bad knees, torn ligaments from you foot landing in a hole. Seems to me that the bad outweigh the good.

However, with Joel's upcoming deployment, I feel that I need something to keep me occupied and to help me countdown the days and weeks until his return. With his previous deployment, I was pregnant with Nathan, so that keep me occupied. "Hmmm, this is week 21 of my pregnancy, only 19 more weeks until my due date, and 18 more weeks until Joel comes home on R&R." Or, "Nathan is now 4 months old, which means that that we have only 4 more months until Joel returns home!" Well, let me tell you, I am NOT getting pregnant before this deployment. NO SIR! Not going to happen!

So, how I am going to countdown the deployment?? I am glad you asked. I am walking to Afghanistan! Not really, but hear me out. The MWR Sports program here is sponsoring a "Walk to Afghanistan" program for all of those interested in such an activity. You can be part of team and walk over 7,000 miles, or do it individually and walk 1,445 miles from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.

Why am I doing this?? Seriously, I have no idea. I thought it sounded fun! HA!!! By the time I finish my feet are going to be so swollen and will want to fall out. But it is a challenge, even if it is only an self-challenge, and I am up to the task! Let the walking begin!....on April Fools day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my lonely little to run!

I know---running sounds so easy and elementary. Anyone could do it. In fact, my two children are gold medal champions at it! Nathan loves to run to the park, away from the car that he should be getting into at that particular moment. So, why is it so hard for me to run?? Seriously, my idea of running is towards the ice cream man and his truck and he turns off our street. "Wait, I found some money!! Come back!!!!"

In all seriousness, running is something that I would like to master. My husband was a cross country runner during high school and college. In fact, he still does (though the Army may have something to do with that as well.) But he has run in a half-marathon and full marathon as well. It seems that all of my friends run as well, and they have great health and a hot, smokin' body to go with it! So, again, why it is so hard for me to run??

I think it was the way I was raised. I love my mom and dad, and as I parent, I know they did everything that they could possibly do to raise a smart and well-rounded young lady. But with their work schedule, when they come home, all they want to do it sit and relax after a grueling hard day, not lace up a pair of sneakers and go for a jog around the block. However, Joel has a job that allows me the luxury to stay home with the kids. And I realize that I want to instill into my children good exercise habits so that they are not fighting obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life.

Joel is always saying to start slow and work your way up, and as much as I hate to put these words in writing....he is right. With the weather now (getting) warmer and sunnier, I have taken Nathan out in the stroller several days for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Even after a week, I can already see a difference in my cardio. While I am not in THE GREATEST shape, my Nike+ program says that I am walking a 14.5 minute mile. Not too bad considering I am pushing Nathan (who is 30+ pounds) in his stroller, but hopefully I can carve out some time to go walking/running alone to see what I really have the potential to do. Here's hoping for some quality "me time".....