Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back at it

Two more days...

In that amount of time, my wonderful, warrior husband will return home from the "Swamp Lands of America". When we spoke last night, we joked about how I would take "Me Time" this weekend, starting at 10am on Saturday, returning sometime on Tuesday night. HA! But we agreed that we would each get to the gym this Memorial Day weekend since he would be home for an extended break. I am really excited about this, since May was a true test of what this coming year will be like for our family. One thing I learned---keeping up a running schedule is hard work!

With summer near, and getting closer each day, the temperature keeps inching closer to the 90-degree marker, getting close to that this past Sunday. And while today is only a high of 82, it certainly feels hotter. So getting out and walking and/or running is really hard to do when you are making the decision from a cool, air-conditioned house. But today is Tuesday, meaning Miles has his baby sitter, and Nathan is in childcare!!! YIPPIE!! I booked it over to the gym, and had a GREAT run today. 2 miles in 22:12, which means my pace was an 11:03. Not too bad for only running 1 day a week! I added some news songs to my iPod playlist, and I think that really did the trick to keeping me pumped up today.

Yes, it's Tuesday....and I'm back at it!

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