Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two weeks in

So we're two weeks into the new year, and so far I have not fallen THAT far behind.  I decided to go back to work as a substitute teacher, so that makes my schedule very flexible.  It also makes life a little crazy because I usually do not know until 6am if I am working that day or not.  It also cuts into time at the gym, so when I do have a day off I make to make the most of it!

Hubby and I are going to try Whole30 starting next Tuesday.  We were trying it in December but I did not plan as thoroughly as I am now, so hopefully we can stay on it longer than 48 hours! I am really excited about it, the recipes do look very yummy.  The day that I was on it, I realized how little food I could eat and be full from it.  A lot of veggies and smaller portions of protein really do make a difference.  I am unhappy with how I look, and after stepping on the scale this morning and weighting 152 I am REALLY unhappy with my weight.  Hopefully eating healthier will help me lose weight, and help me get faster in my running as well.

My gym is rearranging their weights today, and so the plan that I spent TWO HOURS creating is pretty much down the drain. :(  They have taken out all of the machines that I do for my leg workout A, so I am back to the drawing board for designing a leg workout that can challenge me and slim my thunder thighs.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New year, same goals

So already for this new year I have been to the gym and totally destroyed my hands rowing. My weight lifting gloves were in another gym bag, so now I have four lovely blisters on my hands.  And crazy me, I decided that after rowing (which can be a great upper body workout) I was going to do a bicep/triceps workout.  That is when my hands really started to hurt. Ouch! The pain!

I saw a woman at the gym yesterday who had shoulder muscles that would make a man drool.  I mean, there was some serious definition to her.  I told Hubby THAT is what I wanted. I always want to workout to have a toned and defined body.  Think Jennifer Garner from "Alias", rather than Linda Hamilton of "T2".

I have my workout plan mapped out for at least the first four months of the year, getting me to at least my New York Half-Marathon on May 1st.  Fingers crossed that I can stay somewhat on track, getting in 1008 miles for the year!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a personal trainer and have no experience in that field.  This monthly plan was made for me, by me.  You should consult a professional to create your own, I am only showing you what I have created for myself.