Friday, January 25, 2013

Wish List

We all know people who have bucket lists---things they want to do or accomplish before they "kick the bucket".  But I have a wish list, a running wish list.  Not a running bucket list, though I should probably think about one if I am *really* be serious about this whole running thing.  No,  I have a list of things I want to buy, but cannot justify the cost just yet.

My latest purchase was from Wear Blue, and it was a pair of their running tights.  I figured for $25 (on sale), and the money going to a non-profit, this was a purchase worth making.  It was also cut out the main reason for not running outside on beautiful winter days.  Now I have all the clothing pieces (tights, hat and gloves), so what excuse do I have left?  Nothing!  So while the tights were a good and justifiable purchase, I am having a hard time coming up with a REALLY good reason to purchase a Sparkle Skirt. The reason I want one?  Um, because it is just so darn cute!!! I have three that I drool over every time I go to their webpage, but with the cheapest one being $65 and going up to $85, I need to finish some sort of awesome goal to click the BUY button. Here are my top three favorites.
Betsy Ross
Woman of Steel
Camo Tech

My guess is that I will splurge when I get closer to running my first half-marathon, maybe buying one so wear on that momentous occasion. Then the hard choice begins.....which one do I buy?? So many choices!!!! (Another great thing about this company is that their products are made in the USA!)

The second item I really, really, REALLY want it an Apple iPod touch. I know, my husband and I have not officially joined the 21st Century, because we are probably two of the last people on earth who still do not have smart phones.  Even worse, we have pre-paid cell phone.  {GASP!}  And I know the itouch is pretty much an iphone without the phone capabilities, but we are just not really to have a huge monthly cell phone bill.  Maybe in a few more years when a promotion comes due. 

I run with my 2nd generation ipod, with the Nike+ receiver connected, and the sensor in my shoe.  However, yesterday when I tried to go running, everything flaked out on me, again.  I tried turning the sensor off and on, but then the ipod would not recognize the receiver. But Joel has the Nike+ system that is a bracelet, so I threw in the towel for running and let that system charge up.(I had really search for the bracelet, since it had fallen off and BEHIND his dresser.  See how much use it gets?)

While I have not yet run with the bracelet, and I know I can still run with my working ipod nano, I do like having the Nike+ in the nano.  Every now and then I can press the center button and a voice will come on telling me how far I have run and what my current pace it.  With the bracelet system, I will have to press a button on it, and try reading it while running.  That could prove to be dangerous.

So this saga brings me to my desire to have an iPod touch.  I can upgrade my ipod and keep more music on it, and even though it is only a wi-fi product, I can take pictures and post on Facebook in one simple step.  No taking pictures with a camera, taking the card out of the camera and uploading them onto the computer, logging into Facebook to upload the many steps!!  There are so many reasons why I want a itouch, but since I just replaced my nano a few years ago, again, the huge dollar amount for such a desire, as compared to a need, well I just cannot pull out the credit card yet for it.  Again, maybe once I get closer to running that half-marathon, or maybe as a prize for finishing it!

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