Friday, January 18, 2013

A Great Day

Yesterday afternoon, after my craptasitc workout session, I saw a photo on the Facebook page of The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants. Here it is for you to enjoy.

This saying really hit home for me. After the workout that I had, I admit it, I was in a horrible mood. Today, I got my sensor in my shoe reset, and that really made my day. It meant that my run was going to fully register, and that I would be able to complete my scheduled workout.YEAH!!  And you know what? It went really well.  I finished, so I count that as a successful workout.  It was the week 3 day 3 workout of C25K, same workout as the last two: 5 minute warm up and then 90 second run/90 second walk/3 minute run/3 minute walk. And I thought to myself, "Why does three minutes seem so long for running? I mean, will it ever stop? Will I ever get to walk again?" And then about 45 seconds into the walking I'm thinking, "Ok, I've recovered.  What do you mean I still have 2 minutes of walking? This is so long to walk!!  Will I ever get to run again??" HAHA!

The kids have off from school today and on Monday for the MLK holiday, so again my schedule to workout is compressed.  I think instead of moving to week 4 I will repeat week 3 instead.  I want to have a strong base for running 5 minutes at a stretch, which is what week 4 calls for, and I just don't think I am there yet. But I am not going to let this repeat get me down, I am voluntarily doing it, and I think it will make me a better runner.

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