Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week Three

So, it is back to normal, kind of. In our household, there may be no "normal", as the school week this week is only four days, which is really go to throw off my workout schedule. But I can at least try to keep things on track to begin with, right?

After getting everyone where they needed to be, I headed to the gym and the dreadmill. While Friday's temperature was awesome, close to 70-degrees that day, today was the total opposite. The car thermometer read 28-degrees. At noon. Yeah, no running outside for me.

I looked up the Couch to 5k plan online, and read what it was for week 3 day 1. It started out with a 5 minute walking warm up, followed by 90 second run/90 second/3 minute run (say what?!)/3 minute walk, repeating this two times. For a total of 23 minutes of running and walking.

The beginning, as always, was super easy.  I mean, how could walking be hard, right? So off I went at a 15:00 mile on the treadmill, but my Nike+ says I was walking at about 20 seconds faster. And then the running started.  Ninety seconds of running is not too bad, because last week I would run for 2 minutes at a time. So this was a piece of cake!  It's when I started on teh 3 minutes of running at a stretch that I thought "I am going to die!".  Not really, but I could tell this was something new.  I saw a sign the other day that really summed up the experience of running/exercising.

I ran, then walked, then ran again, then walked some more.  And guess what?  I survived!!! It was not so bad, and I even had energy to hop on the elliptical machine for an additional 15 minutes of cardio!

Here are the stats from my run:
1.7 miles
22:59 total time
12:50 per mile
198 total calories burned

The kids are off from school on Friday, so that means a M-W-Th run.  Here's hoping on improvement over the week. 

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