Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thou shalt not compare...

And I must remember this when comparing myself to my runner husband.

Joel is a runner, a good runner. And he has been running for many years. He ran on the cross country team in high school and college. He has competed in triathlons, half-marathons, and full marathons. He even rode in a 100-mile bike race FOR FUN! Running is part of his PT test for the Army.

Now that you have background, you understand why I shall not compare myself to Warrior Running Man. Joel and I had some "couple's time" this weekend. My parents watched the boys while Joel and I want to a movie and dinner afterwards. The next morning we got up before the boys and went for a short (for Joel) 2-mile run. Miley started off my playlist, and I was feeling good. I felt like maybe I could keep up with Joel.

*BLAM!* Hello, Wall, nice to see you again.

I was actually having a little trouble breathing, so I slowed down to a walk. Joel did not want to leave me, so he slowed down to a trot/fast walk. I felt so bad for him, but thankful that my loving husband would not abandon me for a quality run for himself. :) It was nice to have someone to run with, other than the TV to keep me company. But I hope to one day be able to run with my husband and to be able to keep pace with him.

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