Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another month of mileage

Other month has come to end, which means it's time to total up the mileage. Now remember---mileage does not have to be running, so I add some biking and elliptical in there as well. It helps keep me going to the gym, and not get burnt out on running. I actually like doing two different cardio workouts when I go to the gym. Don't ask me why, I'm just crazy like that.

So here is where I stand:
  • April-46.63 miles
  • May-50.64 miles
  • June-64.10 miles

I seem to be improving in the aspect of getting out and exercising, so YEAH ME!!! I have also accepted the fact that I will most likely not complete the entire 1,445 miles this exercise has set. But for now, I am happy that this motivates me and that I AM exercising. That's an improvement, right?

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