Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A list of firsts

Wow, I have a lot of "first" things to update you all on. Some are exciting, some not so exciting, but here it goes.

1. My first blister--I knew it was going too well to not be broke at this point, and this weekend when I laced up my shoes, I noticed something was bothering me on the back of my right foot. I took my shoe off, shook it out, and tried again. Ouch! There is something STILL there. I repeated the process, and finally looked on the outside of my sock, then the inside. There it was, a tiny blister, just beginning to form. I was already in teh car, so I did not do anything until after my run. First thing I did was search for the band-aids and slapped one on that sore. Thankfully it is gone, and it did not grow into something larger and more painful.

2. My first injury--As I previously said, I knew something was wrong because I was still in great shape. But one day I started up on the dreadmill, and pain shot through my left ankle. It was unusual, and I almost felt like my ankle was going to collapse under me. My two runs for last weekend totaled about 1/2 miles. YUCK! Thankfully I was still able to get some miles in on the elpitical and the bike, which gave my ankle a nice rest, and I can now get back to running.

3. My first 75--According to my Nike+, and the video that popped up when I synced it up the other day, I have crossed the 75 mile marker in my running experience. YEAH!!! And that leads me to.....

4. My first 100 miles!!--Between running, biking, and the elpitical machine, I have crossed over the milestone of 100 miles. 101.2 miles to be exact. Now I only have to complete 1343.98 more miles by March 31, 2011. So keep your fingers crossed!

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