Monday, June 28, 2010

Am I ready?

I realized that my first 5k is coming up at the end of this week! This week! Five days away!!! Am I ready?? Oh heck no....I have taken some time off while Joel has been on vacation, and with the summer heat of the south, it seems the only REALLY good time to run when it's cool is...oh...about 3:30am. Yeah, not doing that. I feel like I have been studying to take an Algebra I test, but wake up to the realization that the test is really AP Calculus. And I have know about the higher level test, I have just failed to study (or train) for it properly.

So my goals for this first 5k are as follows:
1. Finish without dropped dead
2. Finish in under 40 minutes
3. Finish in under 35 minutes

I will be happy with #1, happier with #2, and over-the-moon happy if I accomplish #3. Hopefully I can get some early morning runs in later this week (outside as compared to the treadmill), but we'll see how our week goes around here.


  1. good luck lane! you're gonna do great and you should be so proud of yourself for just getting out there!!

  2. You ALWAYS run faster at a race, just keep that in mind. It's the adrenaline and all the people. Fun! You'll be hooked. Try and do one every month to keep yourself motivated. Goodluck, I know you'll surpass all your goals!

  3. Awwww, you girls are wonderful! Thanks for your support! :) I'll post results on pictures after the race, even if I am lying on the ground about to pass out! haha.