Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My favorite day to run

Recently I wrote about my least favorite day to run, and today I though I would bookend that entry with my favorite day to run.

Since we moved to a "suburb" of Boston, the traffic is heavier than the suburb we were used to in Tennessee.  Watertown has plenty of traffic going in and out of the surrounding towns, and I have a fear of getting hit by the crazy drivers around here.  So I try to stick to the sidewalks and side roads. But it makes for some boring runs, or having to turn every quarter mile. I find myself having to stop my watch while waiting for the traffic lights to change....grrrrr!

Which brings me to my favorite day to run...the Weekends! With the current temperatures, I don't mind starting at 7am and running into Cambridge.  That city during the week is all hustle and bustle.  The many cars, bikes, buses, and pedestrians make it difficult to drive in that city, and running is nearly impossible. At least for me.  But early on the weekend mornings, it is a ghost town.  There might be a few delivery trucks coming into make their deliveries to the local restaurants; a few early morning walkers with their dogs on the leash in one hand, coffee from the local coffee shop in another; maybe one or two buses running their route.  

There is one particular corner in Cambridge, where I am turning right onto Mt Auburn Avenue from Brattle Square that is constantly jammed with traffic.  The MBTA buses have to turn left into the station and there is also construction happening on the opposite side of the street.  The construction trucks take up space, which in turn makes the buses move over the line of traffic. It is a tight squeeze in my mini-van, and I find myself either needing an aspirin or a shot of liquor after making it through that particular intersection.  But on weekend mornings, all is quiet.  There is no construction. There a fewer buses. The rhythm of my feet pounding the pavement, my breathing going in and out...in and out....the sounds of everyday living is still sleeping, while I can enjoy the peacefulness of the city before it awakes for the business of the week.

Favorite route for my weekend run

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