Friday, September 25, 2015

Weight on Wednesday--09/23/2015

My WOW entry...on a Friday. You ever get that feeling like you are swimming towards the edge of a pool, but the edge keeps getting further and further away??? Yeah.....that is the story of my life around here.

I DID weigh myself on Wednesday, so here are the numbers.

                        9/09/2015          9/23/2015
Weight            147.6                    148.0
Fat                   36.00                    35.8
BMI                23.8                       23.9

So weight and BMI are up, but my body fat is down.  I am hoping that the weight gain was just muscle being added. :)  At one point this week I was down to 146 pounds. But then I decided to have a second bowl of ice cream, and then umber went back up.  Lesson learned.

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