Saturday, August 29, 2015

Worst Day of the Week to Run

There is one particular day of the week that I dread running. Depending on where I run exactly, that day can change.  What take a guess???? It is not a specific day of the week, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  Any guesses yet????

I love leaving the house, running to clear my head and on hot, humid days in our non-air-conditioned place, leaving the house allows me to get fresh air.  But on Thursday mornings in our current neighborhood, running means passing the smelly trash cans. Seriously, how can doing something so healthy (like running) make you want to throw up in your mouth??

To complicated matters, from my house, there are five different roads I can take, meaning I can run to any part of the city....and inevitably, someone is having their trash picked up that day.

How do I get past this dilemma?? I don't.  I just take deep breaths, hold it, and run as fast as I can through the smelliness of the cans.  And get excited that I can run the same route the next day, breathing air that is a little fresher.

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