Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weight on Wednesday--08/19/2015

Since I am back to blogging, I decided to restart my series "Weight on Wednesday".  I am not actively trying to lose weight, but I will say that I do try to watch what I eat and not to go overboard.  I know from friends and family that I can say "Oh, it's only 1 piece of cake" or "It's the only soda I'll drink this week", and before you know it you'll have gained 20 more pounds!! So I am enjoying life, not eating salads every day, but not having soda and chips 7 days a week either. Heck, up here in Boston, sodas cost almost $2 for a 20oz. bottle---no one can afford to drink sodas, so you are bound to lose weight!

My typical weight range back in Kentucky was around 149 pounds.  It could go as high as 152, at which point I would scale back on the cheese roll ups and start eating a few more salads and shakes.  But here in Boston, we walk. A lot.  And since our apartment does not have central air conditioning like all the houses in the south have, we sweat. A LOT!! And we drink a lot of water or water based drinks, mostly iced tea. Again, drinking sodas is not only expensive because of the price, but since I have two children here at home, a quick trip to the local 7-11 usually turned into a $10 trip because they want something as well.
The last time I wrote a WOW was over 18 months ago, so here are the two columns of data:

                        2/9/2014          8/19/2015
Weight            148                  147.6
Fat                   36.3                 36.2
BMI                23.9                 23.8
So the weight isn't exactly coming off quickly, but I am one of those people who constantly want to lose "just 5 more pounds".  In my case, I really do feel that 5 more pounds, or down to around 143-144 range, would be a healthy weight for me.  I could get back into my size 4-6 pants, and while I know I should not put all of my self worth into how much I weigh or what size clothing I could fit into, I want to show my children that eating healthy and working out can lead to a healthy lifestyle.  That is the legacy that I want to leave my children.

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