Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Going for a run

I have admit that I am envious of my husband.  He has been a runner for a few more decades than I have been.  He ran on the high school and college cross country teams.  But after the first year of college, he quit the cc team, and focused more on studying (having a triple major will do that to ya). This stud muffin can throw on a cotton t-shirt, lace up his shoes, and he is set to run!! I don't think he even got his first dry wicking shirt until I starting running, he was happy to pound the pavement to sweat off a few pounds.

But when I go for a run, I look like I am preparing to head to battle. I typically lay things out the night before, and pull it out starting from top to bottom.
Visor? Check
Ipod and headphones? Check
Running bra and top? Check and check!
Watch? Shorts? Socks? Shoes? Check, check, check and check!

Running a loser distance or in heat and humidity? Don't forget the water bottle and the fuel! I mean, SERIOUSLY! This is A LOT of gear for a "simple" and "cheap" habit.  Here is a picture from the night before one of my half-marathon races.
All ready for the half marathon the next day!

I really wish I could be one of those people like my husband.
Clothes? Check
Socks and shoes? Check.
Out the door he goes.  But I am such a Type A person---I need to know how far I went, how fast I was for each mile, was today better than yesterday?? I need music to help turn out the sounds of the city, I need water to keep me hydrated so I can keep going.

And while I wish I could shed all of this extra baggage, I carry it with me.  Because I need running to help keep me sane.

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