Friday, August 14, 2015

Race Recapping: Country Music Marathon 2014

Up to this point, I have been recapping my races in a group.  I had five 5Ks in 2014, four 10K, and 2 15Ks to review for 2014.  I also ran more frequently, and pushed myself even harder with TWO half marathons. And these are bigger events, not only in length of mileage but also in how consuming they are with my time.  Which is why I am breaking them up into two different entries. 4

My first half marathon was in September 2013, with the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville.  I trained with a running group with Fleet Feet, and made several new friends.  And having been born and raised in Nashville, and watching and reading about the St. Jude's Country Music Half Marathon, I decided to take the plunge and register for the race.  Our family was schedule to move the summer afterwards, and I wanted to run this race before our life took us to a different part of the country. 

I signed up not only for the race but also for the training group with Fleet Feet.  This seems to be the best way for me to get my long runs completed for the week.  If you are meeting someone, even in a larger group setting, and  you don't show up, they will ask!!  I was lucky to have two good friends be the training pacers for the 2:30 group that runs 3:1 (run 3 minutes, walk 1).  So Tony, Carolina, Ken, Cathy, Richel, and I would meet on Saturdays and run our various mileage.  One special memory was running 4 miles and then eating at Loveless Café like we had run 20 miles.  Hey, we run to eat, what can I say??
Before running our 4 miles for the morning

Eating biscuits at the Loveless Cafe

Friend don't leave friends at the starting line!

So we trained, we talked, and we raced.  The weather for that day was PERFECT!! Not too hot when starting off, sunny and great weather for having the crowds out to cheer you on throughout the course.  I had signed up with St. Jude to run as a "hero" meaning I fundraised for their hospital while training for the race.  There were some benefits to this depending on the amount you raised, but as a former child cancer survivor, I was happy to help these sweet children, while running this very hilly course for those that cannot run.

And since this was only my second half marathon, I had a goal of a time to beat. And guess what, Tony helped push me over that finish line at LP Field with a time of 2:37:01!!! Not the 2:30 we trained for, but I also took off 7 minutes off my time since my first race 7 months earlier!  The joy I felt in know that rewards come with hard work and practice was so overwhelming and so exhilarating...what could possibly make this any better??
I did it! I finished and somehow I am still smiling.

Of course the medal has a cowboy boot on it, what else would you expect?

How about another half marathon?

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