Monday, February 3, 2014

Pump....YOU UP!

I recently started going to the gym to lift some weighs. But I realize that I am a follower. A homework completer. I don't necessarily need a personal trainer to get me through each workout, just one to create a workout for me. And while I have a list of exercises in my workout book, trying to decide what to do each day is just not my thing. My head starts to swim, and I usually just "phone in" the workout.

At the gym I go to the most often, I saw an advertisement for  I had no idea what exactly it was, but decided to check it out while watching mindless tv one day.  It was pretty interesting, and had a place where you could click through and decide which plan you wanted to follow. You enter stats like your weight, what is your final goal (transformation for me), how long you have been consistently lifting weights, what kind of body you would like to have, and come up with an end date for your goal.  I chose to have a swimsuit model's body. HAHA!  That will probably NEVER happen, but it was the option with the most body fat at 20%, which is the most realistic for me.

Yesterday, February 2nd, was Day One for me. And I can tell you that after the workout, my triceps hurt more than they have hurt in years! Even though I am not directly reporting in to a personal coach,  I am logging in my workouts and that makes me want to push myself a little bit more.  But the workout felt great, and I am very excited to have a roadmap to this adventure.

Day One was 3 sets of 12 reps for each of the exercises:
  • Wide Pushups--on my knees
  • Dumbbell bench press--done with 10 pound dumbbells
  • Cable Pec Fly--finished with 16 2/3 pounds on each side
  • Narrow Pushups--on my knees
  • Overhead Tricpet Dumbbell Extensions--done with a 10 pound dumbbell
  • Tricep Pushdowns--finished with 60 pounds
That last one was really exciting for me, because I started my first set on 40 pounds, and for the next two sets did it on 60 pounds! Holy cow, my arms will crush you! :)

Seriously, after two days on this program, the "newness" has not set in, and I am eager to go to the gym each day to do this workout. While it is not running related, my ultimate goal of losing inches and body fat will hopefully help in my running adventures with a faster time, and more enthusiastic athlete.

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  1. I love going to the gym to use the machines! The hubby modified some of the things I like to dumbbells and a barbell and I like it okay, not as much as the gym though!