Sunday, February 9, 2014

Looking back

For most people, they do not like to look back in their past. They might have experienced some tragic event, or had a heart broken. But for me, I look back over this past year and smile at the gains that I have made in my fitness journey.

Last January 31st I registered for the Women's Half-Marathon in Nashville. I was not a serious runner at that point. Running three miles was considered my "long run". But I signed up for the race before I could chicken out, and in the summer trained with Fleet Feet Nashville to help me achieve my goal. Not only have I check off "run a half-marathon" but my confidence in running has taken off as well. Here is a list of accomplishments I have done over the past twelve months.
  • Run a 10K--first one
  • Registered for another 10K, instead of the shorter 5K that is offered
  • Run a 5K PR (took three years, but hey....better late than never)
  • Registered for a 15K--first one
  • Registered for my second half-marathon
  • Started running speed workouts....and found out I LIKE them!
This might seen like a short list, but taken into account the small amount of time it has occurred over, and I am pretty proud and excited about it. I still have no desire to run a full marathon, but I do see more half-marathons in my future.

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