Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weight on Wednesday--02/05/2014

Another Wednesday, another weigh in.  I do weight myself during the week as well, but I don't put those numbers on paper. I feel that would be TOO many numbers, so I decided to only "officially" track myself once a week.  Good thing, because the day after the Super Bowl was not pretty!
So here are the numbers:

1/29/2014  ---2/5/2014

Weight 149 148
Fat 35.9 36.3
BMI 24 23.9

Not exactly the best with my body fat percentage going up, but life is always about improvement and learning what to do.

I also started taking my body measurements, because as we all know, I can still weight 148 pounds, but if muscle is denser than fat, I will be skinner in inches and the scale will not budge.  On that front, I do have some good news!

Bust37 1/236 3/4
Chest31 7/830 3/4
Waist35 1/834 1/8
Midway36    34 3/4
Hips39 1/239 1/2
Knee-Left16 1/816 5/8
Knee-Right16 1/216 3/8

I do believe some of these numbers are pretty spectacular! Losing 3/4" off my bust in two weeks? Heck yeah! And losing 1" off my waist? I'll take it! Or rather...not take it. So while my weight is staying the same, it seems that some parts of me are slimmer. I can tell you that I dug out a pair of shorts that are a size 6, and they fit! I have not worn them in three years at least, probably more like four years. But by golly, I am going to keep working out, and will stay in those shorts all summer long! (And when I say "they fit", that translates into "they zip up and I can sit in them, but losing a few more inches would make them look a lot better.")


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