Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Your Heart 10k race

For the second year now, the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) has sponsored a "Love Your Heart 5k/10k" race here at Ft. Campbell.  February is Heart Awareness Month, so the name of the race is very appropriate. One of the main goals of the race is just to get people out of the house and acitve on the course. The particiaptes can be walking their first 5k, or their 50th. Everyone on the course is celebrated.

A few friends and I ran the course last year. They ran the 10k, and since I was returning to running I participated in the 5k. For 2013 the weather was horrible. It was FREEZING cold, very gloomy overcast kind of day. I had on ear warmers, gloves, long sleeve shirt, coat and tights and it took all three miles of my race to warm up!

See, don't we LOOK cold?!?!

This year the hospital made a few adjustments. The place was changed so more people could find it (thus making the course flatter) and the starting time was pushed back. Both had their pros and cons. Since the race started at 0930, I dressed in capris and a long sleeve shirt for the anticipated 42-degree weather. Yeah.....I should have dressed a little lighter. I told my husband that if I had been alone, I would have taken my shirt off, it was that hot!! I think my Garmin showed a temperature of 52-degrees. Very un-February like.

The race was pretty good, but there could have been bigger water stops for this warm weather race. I loved how flat the course was, as there was only one small hill we had to conquer, and I beat it! In fact, I passed several people on that hill, and did not see them for the rest of the race. 

I am pretty satisfied with my results. My last 10k race was Labor Day and I ran that in 1:13:26. My Garmin today gave me a final time of 1:10:02. I was TWO SECONDS slower than what I wanted to me! GRRR!!! But I also took 3 minutes off my time! YEAH BUDDY!! Maybe those speed workouts are truly working.

These guys would finish the last hundredish yards with 
almost every person in the 10k. What an awesome 
morale booster it was to run with them!

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