Sunday, August 22, 2010


This week starts the first full week that BOTH boys are in school at the same time. So this week starts the first full week of sanity for me! :) I have my running, training schedule all worked out (with days off to accommodate school vacation days), so here's hoping I can stick with it! The training plan I had to cut short, because it was longer than what I needed---the race is schedule before the end date of the schedule. Here is this week's schedule

Monday- Tempo Run-Total distance of 5 miles of including warm up; 3 miles @ 11:42 pace; cool down.
Wednesday-Long run of 6 miles @ 13:21 pace
Friday- East Run of 2 miles @ 13:21 pace

I've already tried a tempo run, and actually found it kind of hard.  My fast walk is around at 14 minute pace, and a slog jog is around 10:30 pace. And I have never run over 4 miles at one time, so this certainly should be interesting.  Yes, very, very interesting.....

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