Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whether depends on weather

Lately it seems that running and whether I run or not depends on the weather (and,of course, my schedule for the day). This area is known for mixed weather in April---you'll need a coat and gloves on Easter weekend, but three days later shorts and flipflops, only to pull the parka out again the next week. It's one time of the year that BOTH sets of clothes are in the closets and dressers. However, this year it seems that Spring teased us by coming for one week, and the next week Summer invited itself to the South a few months early. April has seen highs in the low to mid-80 degree range, and there were a few days in the 60s.

So off to the gym I headed last Saturday, around noon time. UGH! It was just as bad as running outside. I don't think the government has turned the heat off and the air on just yet. So even at the gym, the runs are a little bit shorter and slower than what I would like them to be. I now understand why runner are early risers and hitting the pavement while the rest of the world sleeps....the temperatures are a bit lower and more perfect for a quiet run, to clear you head without over heating your body.

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