Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a little spoiled

On my initial trip into Fleet Feet, my main objective was to buy some clothing that would allow my skin to breathe. I was sick and tired of coming home after a run and wringing out my cotton t-shirt and shorts, my sweat being trapped into those threads and feeling all.....ewwwww.

I left the store with a Brooks tank top and pair of capri running pants, a bit lighter in the wallet, but hopeful that I would feel a little cooler when returning from an afternoon run. That afternoon after the shopping spree I dressed in my new clothes and headed out in the BLAZING heat and off I went for an extended run. I arrived back home dripping with sweat, but still felt good and not like the clothes were sticking to my skin. YEAH!!! Mission accomplished.

Fast forward one month, and the weather has taken a step back, summer retreating for a few more weeks and spring sticking around a little bit longer. The days have been a little cooler, and thus the tank top I have is just not enough to keep me warm on these brisk days (and early mornings) that I run. Joel ran in the Seattle Marathon in later 2008, and the t-shirt he was given in his goody bag was a long sleeve, "breathable" t-shirt. I've hijacked this shirt for a few days since Joel's not wearing it, and LOVE IT! Joel and I were discussing the clothes and how much I love them, and he commented "It makes it so you'll never go back to cotton, right?" I shook my head agreeing with him. We're really spoiled that someone came up with this technology of super cool and breathable clothing. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Scientist. I love your invention.

Yes, I'm spolied. I love my clothing, I love my skin, and I love to stay cool. What are you going to do 'bout it?

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