Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just do it

Of course, that is the slogan of Nike, whose shoes I wear every time I go out and hit the pavement (or the treadmill, depending on the weather). But sometimes it can also be your life motto, as it was mine today.

Today, I registered for my first 5k run. Now that I have officially spent money on the registration, I have something to train towards. The official name is the "Race Across the Spectrum:5k for Autism" and it happens to be in my hometown of Brentwood. Yippie! Close by with free room and board (as compared to staying in a hotel), and it benefits a cause that I am passionate about. Mom has already agreed to watch the two wild ones for that morning while I sweat it out in the park.

So, I've got the date and time. Now all I need are the days and time to train for this event. Here's hoping a wonderful and supportive husband can help me out.....

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