Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Be careful what you say

On Monday as we were waiting to drop our eldest son off at school, my hubby and I were talking about my upcoming races. I have Connecticut next weekend, and New York and Maine in May.  The conversation proceeded as follows:

Me: "I so wish I knew where we are going to tend up. I am wanting to plan out my racing calendar for the next year."
Hubby: "I know. Me too.  Why don't you look at doing some races in New Jersey or Pennsylvania before we leave? They are not that far away, and we might be across the country this time next year."
Me: [jaw drops....wheels start turning trying to figure out how far it would be to travel]
Hubby: "Yeah, why not?" [said with an "um, duh" kind of tone]

So I go home and start poking around on Facebook and various websites that host calendars of hlaf marathons, some even having these calendars divided by states or months of the year.  I found one in Pennsylvania, but upon further research and chatting with the race director and other who have run the course, there are some hills in the middle of the course.  And apparently Philly can get pretty hot, even during the first week of June. Bummer.  I did not want to race the last two weekend in June, since our lease here ends 1 July, and most likely we will be moving.

But I did find a half marathon in New Jersey in April. It is called the Asbury Half Half Marathon in {wait for it...} Asbury Park! They website seems pretty basic, not a lot of frills, and for me that means a low registration fee! I was worried that April in Jersey would also mean cold and still snow on the ground.  And each year is different and that could be the case.  But the pictures that were posted showed the runners in shorts and tanks, so definitely not the leggings and gloves that I have been using for the past few weeks.

So sign me up!!!  In a 24 hour time period from Monday morning to late Tuesday morning, I had researched and signed up for a race AND booked the hotel room! New Jersey, I will see you in April!

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