Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Looking ahead to 2016

Now that we only have 16 days until 2016, I felt the need to write about what I am going to do next.  Of course, I am continuing my #50in50before50 journey, and have three states on the calendar for next year: Asbury Park Half Marathon (NJ), Greater Bridge Half Marathon (NY), and Fort Edgecomb Half Marathon (ME).  And I have been so lucky to have so many friends support me in my journey.  After each race, they congratulate me and proceed to tell me they can host me when I come to their state. With sorority sisters and Army wives opening their homes and hearts, I feel so fortunate to have people who will have my back in their trying life journey.

Since our family does not know where we will be living after July, it is tough to plan for 2016, but by May I will have completed 10 states, or 20% of my journey, and still have 13 years to complete this endeavor.  That is 3 races a year, which is totally doable, so I am not too worried.....yet.

Another thing I need to figure out for 2016 is how to keep myself motivated.  Races on the calendar are ok, but this 2015 in 2015 Challenge has really pushed me to take my running to a new and consistent level.  The sad thing for 2016 is that the group I have been doing this with does not want to continue it into the next year.  Which is fine, I realize I can be very Type A on some things, and because I am such a "numbers person", it was a fit for me but not for others.  I have taken some time off after this last half marathon, but will end the year with about 525 miles, a 55 mile increase over 2014.  So what should I strive for next year?? Some months are good, some are bad, and I am not sure what I want to set a monthly goal (ie--run 50 miles per month), only to fail the second or third month. I might try to do 1008 in 2016, but increase the amount of things I can do.  This challenge was only running and elliptical machine, but to increase the mileage without killing myself I might add in rowing and biking.

Something to think about and ponder while running.....

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