Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My new workout routine

You want to know what I have really been doing for my workouts? 

That's right. Crossfit. I have joined that crazy kettlebell swinging, weight lifting, insane workout craze.  Ok, maybe it's not a "craze", but I have to say I have drunk the kool-aid and it. is. AWESOME!!

Running is great for me. It is helping me build endurance and stamina, which is awesome for keeping up with my two very energetic children. But I know that lifting weights is also great for your body.  My husband tells me that after lifting you body still burns calories, whereas with running, you only burn those calories when you are doing the exercise. 

So I had a weight lifting routine at the gym. Bicept curls, hammer curls, overhead press, leg press, calf raises....and it just got to be soooooo boring. I could go through the movements half-awake if I wanted to.

I signed up for the box (Crossfit's language for "gym") and their OnRamp class, which is a beginner's course of what they do, and several of the moves you need to know. And since April I have been going three times a week.  It's great! I have progressed a little bit, not as much as I would like.  Maybe after my husband's schedule gets back to normal I can do it four or five days a week. Yesterday's workout was 30 pullups, 30 overhead press and a 200 meter run. Three times. Yeah, once is hard enough, but try it three times.  The workouts are short, I don't think we ever go over 20 minutes. But they are intense and you are dripping with sweat just a few minutes into it. And each workout is different.  Rarely will you ever do the same workout, and if you do it is because the instructors are trying to show you how far you have come. 

You can get more information here, but if you follow these workouts you need to scale it to what you can do. Trust me, every workout at my box I scale. There is no way I could deadlift 150 pounds (I'm up to 85 pounds), and my abs are not strong enough for getting my toes to the bar, so I do those lying down.

I would suggest to anyone to try Crossfit, because it gives you a community feeling where everyone is cheering on each other, and it gives you a variety of workouts. It will push to new levels, and you will do things you never thought you could.

It. is. AWESOME!

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