Thursday, August 8, 2013

Training sessions

For my first half marathon, I did a lot of research about training plans. I had to find one to fit my schedule, and the hardest part was finding one where I could do a long run on Friday. I know I could have adjusted what ever plan I found and settled on. But I hate making silly adjustments.

The other thing I needed was accountability. Following something on paper is one thing. But if there is no one there poking or proving you about your training, it is easy to let it slide. And when my husband asks about it over mail, it is oh so easy to say, "yes, I went running today!" When in real life I went to the Starbucks drive thru. I needed a real life person to report to.

My solution was a but pricy, but so worth it. I signed up for a training session with Fleet Feet in Brentwood. It is a little less structured than what I had originally thought it would be. But for the $85 I know I will show up. Heck, I am paying THEM so I can show up. How crazy is that psychology? But whatever, it works.

Each Saturday morning we meet at a designated place, and we run. Nothing too structured. The fastest people go out first, the turtles like me go out last. I am currently running with the 3:1 group. Meaning we run for three minutes and then walk for one. I might not be the fastest person there, but that is certainly not my goal. My goal for this HM is to just finish. Finishing in less than 2:30:00 would be awesome, but right now I just want to finish.

I do like the group and the plan that our coach set out. It is only two days a week and with my CrossFit it fits in perfectly with the kids and their school schedule. I think there is only one week where I will have to do CF and a run in one day. I think my only complaint is there are no pacers. For example, instead of Coach saying, "ok, everyone who has a 10 minute pace, head out the door!", she would say, "if you are training for an 11 minute pace, follow James out the door and run with him!" But whatever.

This coming Saturday we run seven miles, which will be the longest I have ever run. And while I might hate running while I am actually DOING it, I do love the sense of accomplishment that I have after I have completed it. 

"I just ran seven miles this Saturday morning. What have you accomplished before 10am?" 

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