Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Have Learned: Volume

The other day I jotted down several different ideas of things I wanted to write about, and a few of those ideas could be grouped together for a series. I thought a series would be more entertaining, and it could make the entries shorter, thus (hopefully) keeping your attention.

This series comes out of what I learned during December, after the coughing sickness that lead to my losing weight. I realized that I *am* capable of losing weight, and now need to focus on how to keep doing so. Obviously, not eating is NOT an option. So I did some reading, and started to focus on the cues that my body was giving me, but that I was obviously ignoring.

The other day after a workout, my stomach did a huge growl and since it was lunch time I decided to treat myself and stop into the nearest Burger King to pick something up to take home. Once there, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which was a change from the Whopper Jr. meal that I typically order. No drink and no fries for this fitness girl! So off to home, where I could sit on the couch, watch MSNBC in peace, and eat my sandwich with no kiddo distractions. Once I got half way through my sandwich, I realized I was full!! Crazy, it was only half eaten, and remember I had no side items!

So it seems that the doctors and nutritionists might be on to something...eating less food but more often is the way to go. Instead if eating the entire chicken sandwich, I wrapped up the other half, and ate the rest a few hours later. Yes, I might be eating or drinking something all the time, but my body was not designed to be stuffed until you need to roll me home. My stomach is only so large, and I am on the road to being healthy. I will not over eat, I will not keep eating once I am full. I will be mindful of what my stomach and telling my brain, and stop eating once I am full.

Seems simple enough, but if it that simple, why is it so hard?

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