Sunday, July 18, 2010

2 mile PR!

In the beginning of my running adventures, I took several baseline runs so that I could measure how much I would improve over time. The two I initially took were a 5k run, since I knew most races were 5k, and a 2 mile run, which is what the Army soldiers perform in their PT test. For a woman my age, the passing time is 20:30. Here are my times over the past few months:

March 30th-Baseline test- 22:50
May 22nd-22:12 (-38 seconds off baseline)
May 27th-22:45 (-5 seconds off baseline)
July 18- 20:24 (-2:20 off baseline; passed PT test run for my age!)

Wow, two minutes off my time!! YEAH!!!! Of course, I was running hard knowing that this was a "test", rather than running at a weekend leisurely pace. But it is nice to see the improvement, and know that all this exercise is not wasted. :)

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