Saturday, July 17, 2010

Race Day-Race Across the Spectrum-5k

Today I ran my second 5k race, and I could tell going into today that it was not going to be a record setting day, for several reasons. First, my pacer would have to stay at home to watch our kids. Since my parents are enjoying a much-deserved vacation, Joel stayed home with kiddos so I could be the runner to support The Brown Center for Autism.

It was the first year this center was holding a race as a major fundraiser, and it was a bigger success than they had originally planned for---there were 482 runners today!!! However, the race course could use some work for next year (something they have acknowledged)---we went from two lane street to running trail, and the walkers in the group decided to walk in the middle, meaning the runners had to run around them (which is harder than you would image). Before we had even run a quarter-mile my mental state when from "serious run" to "wahoo---this is walk to support autism" (which is not bad, just not what I had anticipated). Once the participants hit the trail, the serious and fast runners sped up, and the area where I was seemed to thin out a little more, making the running more possible.

Crockett Park was built when I was in middle school and high school, but since it is a little farther from my house I never went there much. But I have to say that is can be ranked as one of the best public parks I have EVER been to. The running trails were long, and while we looped around one several times, there were many more to be explored in future runs. There were some hills, which I will have to conquer if I am to be a serious runner, but I am super excited to return to this park in the future.

My time for today was 34:54, 1:30 SLOWER than my first race! GRRR!!! But I was only half-surprised at the outcome. I wish I could have done better, but I think that first road block at the beginning of the race really slowed me down. HOWEVER....I was still a winner!!! They gave away door prizes, and I won the gift certificate that gives me 1 free loaf of bread per month from Panera Bread. YUM! Carbs! :)

Overall, not a bad day. Next race....August 14th. Let the countdown begin.....

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