Sunday, February 28, 2016

Time Management

For me, it seems like running is always at the bottom of my list.  There are so many other things to be doing.  Meals to cook, rooms to clean, laundry to be folded.  And when I started working as a substitute teacher, my days were so "off"--I never knew what the day had in store until I logged on the system each morning to see if a job was available.

And now, my life is about to get every crazier.  I was offered, and accepted, a long-term substitute job.  I'll be in the same class room for 8 weeks while a teacher is out.  And this makes my time management skills needing some work on.  This past week I started the job and when to the gym on Monday, and then running outside on Thursday.  My father in law had the kiddos as well on Tuesday afternoon, but I was so worn out from school that I just stayed home and rested.  Sometimes the best thing to do is rest rather than run your body down even more. 

This weekend was super crazy.  Hubby had a ton of jobs to apply for, as well as homework to get caught up on from the week and things to turn in this coming week.  One kiddo had ninja class, and I needed to get things done ahead of this week including making a week of lesson plans.  But I am happy to say that I got a 2.20 mile run in on Saturday, and then 6.0 miles on Sunday.  My Sunday run was the longest one of the year so far, and it was super slow.  I think the turtle beat me back to the house.  But honestly, it felt so good to get out for a run.  I really do like getting out to run early on a weekend morning.  On Saturday I ran in the afternoon and cut the run short.  Every intersection I got to I had to wait for a minute or longer to cross the road because of all the cars out at that time of day.  On Sunday mornings I can run into Cambridge while the rest of the world is still stopping (or at least not for long), the silence of the day was all aaround, and since there are not a lot of cars and people, I felt like I had the roads to myself.

I am excited that spring is just around the corner, and I can see Boston again on foot.

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