Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weight on Wednesday-09/11/2013

I know, I know. I'm a day late on this. Crazy life just got in the way of posting. But here it is for this week.


Ugh. One-half pound up from last week, but I am certainly not going to stress out over this. First off, I ran 10 miles last Saturday. TEN MILES! My first time ever to do that, and to date my longest run. And while I ran ten miles, I did not count calories at all the entire weekend. I got into the mind set "I just ran 10 miles, I can eat anything I want", which I know can become a downfall. So I think there were no My Fitness Pal log ins for three days.

Second, when I stepped on the scale this morning, it read 147.5. Victory will be mine! HAHAHA! So once I do start watching what I eat, and exercise accordingly, I know that I can control my weight.

But here is my biggest victory for last week. I retired my size 10 pair of shorts! YIPPIE!!  When I got dressed on Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that those shorts were really, really lose. So I dug through our Rubbermaid containers that hold out winter clothes, as well as summer clothes that were at one point too small, but I did not want to get rid of them. I pulled out two pairs of shorts, and a favorite pair of pants.  I tried on the shorts first, size six---and........THEY FIT! A bit tighter than what I have been wearing, but totally wearable in public. And if they are snug, that means they show off my new, slimmer body better, right?  The pants are from Gap and they are a size four. They fit, they zip, and I can even sit down in them! But I think I am going hold off until I lose a few more pounds before bringing those pants back out into the light.

So my new goal for the winter, other than losing more weight and then maintaining a slimmer body, is to greet my husband at his homecoming in skinny jeans.

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