Monday, August 8, 2011

I'mmmmmm bbaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!

Or rather, Joel is back, which means that I am back to my workout schedule.  YIPPIEE!!  There are so many things that were dropped, or that I let slide, during this past year.  And during this first week of his return it has been very nice for things to switch back.  The kids are going to bed and not fighting me over it; I can tell my blood pressure has dropped a gazillion points; and at one point I was sitting around BORED!  HEAVEN!!!!!! Love it!

Joel started a 1/2 day schedule last Monday....actually it was more like work 2 hours, get the next 22 off.  Works for me!  :) So we have had a lot of family time here at the house, a lot of playground time, and a lot of time back at the gym for mommy. I have to admit that while working out I am truly hating it...hate, hate, hate...but give me twenty minutes to reflect and I have to admit that exercising is a tolerable experience.  It's not something that I wake up each day and look forward to, but it gives me some time alone to reflect on different things that are going on in my life.  I never understood it when runners would say they like running because it gives them time to clear their I get it.

I started the week with a basic 1 mile run, figuring I should get a baseline of where I was after essentially a 1 year hiatus.  I did the test on the treadmill at one of the gyms and ended with a time of 11:48. I took several days off since it was SO HOT! With temperatures over 95-degrees, and 103-degrees that Wednesday, even walking to the car was a sweat drenching affair for us.  But here is how things broke down in my running:

August 1- 1 mile test run, 11:48
August 6- 1.26 miles, 13:28, pace of 10:41
August 7- 1.5 miles, 15:59, pace of 10:37

With each of these, I ran the entire time, no walking in any of it!  WOW!  That was pretty impressive, even if I say so. And you can see that I dropped a minute off my pace during that time as well.  I think that first day I was just trying to "drip my toe" back into the routine. But still, I chalk this week up in the "Win" column for my adventures.

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