Monday, June 27, 2011

Crickets, crickets

It's been four months since my last blog entry (sorry 'bout that!), and over a year since I have started this journey.  So I figured I owed an explanation of how things have been going.  Here it goes-

{Insert sounds of crickets.....and silence}

Yeah, sorry about that. With being the only parent around here, my free time is at a minimum.  During the summer, I get approximately 3 hours a week during the daytime hours that are mine, and my chore list is longer than my arm.  Usually what happens is that chores, or work, are louder in calling my name over running and exercise in general.  Heck, finding a time to take a shower is getting harder during these busy summer months!

I am looking forward to Joel coming home for many reasons, but also so I can have someone push me out to the gym, and someone to take over the house while I am there!  He won't be able to do my consulting work for me, but time alone, time when no one is going, "Mom, Mom, where are you?"; time when there is no fighting, no one hanging on to me.  I am looking forward to time that is just.....mine.

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