Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weight on Wednesday--10/15/2015

A day late on the weight in, and several weeks late on an entry on this topic.  Blogging seems like such an EASY thing to do, but somehow everything else pushes it aside. And before you realize it, it has been one day...two days...three weeks since your last entry.  And in a way, if you let it, this can easily happen to your exercise routine.  I have been offered a part time job substituting at my children's school,and while I LOVED the experience of it last year, I feel that if I take it, my running will suffer for it. It is totally selfish on my part, it's not like I am a professional runner who needs hours and hours of training a day. But I know everything and everyone else will take precedence over it.

Anyway, back to my weigh in for the week.

                        9/30/2015          10/15/2015
Weight            148.0                   147.2
Fat                   36.2                     36.3
BMI                23.9                      23.8

So it seems that I am continuing on the path of losing water weight and gaining fat percentage.  I have started a new nutritional supplement so I am hoping that will help keep my weight in check and assist in the fat burning portion of my weight loss. I'll let you know how it goes at the end of the month. 

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